Psychic Abilities And The Power To Give Silent Mental Commands!

Have you ever wanted to be able to plant your suggestions and thoughts in someone else’s mind, and have them think it was all their own idea?

Have you ever wished you had a magic wand you could wave, and other people would start having your thoughts going through their mind?

What if I told you “You don’t need a magic wand.”

What if I told you “You don’t need secret incantations, candle ceremonies, cruel animal sacrifices, or a New Moon.”

What if I told you “You don’t need to contact spirits of the dead or get your loved ones who have passed on to help you from the other side…”

And you certainly don’t have to sell your soul to the devil!

I never would!

What if I told you the Bible is chock-full of psychic experiences and psychic abilities, and the true source of these abilities is The Creator who created the universe with these abilities already in place…

And what if I told you “You can learn these abilities!”

I have been studying covert influence methods and psychic influence methods for more than 15 years now.

You can use both types of skills to plant your suggestions in someone else’s mind.

Let’s go over both types of skills, one at a time.

There are Non-Psychic Skills For Covertly Planting Your Suggestions Inside Someone Else’s Mind…

Some of these covert skills include things like “NLP Anchoring,” which is when you use a trigger to reactivate and revivify a thought or emotional state in yourself or others.

Some of these skills include things like “embedded commands” where you give direct commands to someone, and you hide it in a normal conversation so they don’t know you’re issuing them commands.

You can enhance these abilities with your body language, with your tonality, with your intention, with your own emotions, the types of stories and illustrations you use, and more.

All of these techniques will work very well on their own.

They work even better when you use them and integrate them with other skills.

For instance…

There Are Psychic Skills For Covertly Planting Your Suggestions Inside Someone Else’s Mind…

I don’t know if you already know this or not, but thoughts and feelings – thoughtforms – have an energy to them.

Old-time mesmerists knew how to telepathically transfer their suggestions to someone through mesmerism – and they could even do it without saying anything!

They sometimes took an hour or more to put someone in to a mesmeric trance.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t usually have that much patience.

They knew it was worth the effort, though, because once they mesmerized someone…

They could put that same person back in to a mesmeric trance more quickly the next time…

And the next time…

And the next time…

Until the person became conditioned to follow the mesmerist’s commands more and more quickly and easily.

Mesmerists found they could re-induce the mesmeric trance even if the person was on the other side of town!

I don’t know what level of skill you will achieve with this, but let me tell you about…

The Psychic Who Outsmarted the Gestapo!

Wolf Messing was born in Poland in 1899.

When the Nazis staged a fake attack near the Polish border so they could declare war on Poland, Messing was on the Gestapo’s list of people to round up and arrest.

His clairvoyant abilities had predicted the downfall of Hitler in the height of Hitler’s popularity.

They wanted him captured.

They wanted him dead.

The German soldiers found him and arrested him, locked him in the local jail…

That’s when Messing used his powers of telepathic mind control to force the Nazis to the other part of the jail.

All by using mental commands.

They went to the back of the jail, and he simply walked out the unlocked door and escaped to Russia where he demonstrated his skills to Stalin and he even forced Stalin’s best-trained thugs to follow his suggestions!

This isn’t anything new.

In fact…

People throughout history have used these skills to help themselves in times of trouble when there was no other way out.

You should use these skills for things that are important for you.

Like romance.

Like sales.

Like getting along better with your family and loved ones…

Or whatever it is that’s important for you.

I remember the first time I used this on a date in a movie theater, I was amazed!

I’ve used psychic in other settings since then.

For instance, using a mental projection technique to influence where a total stranger sits!

Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

I absolutely love using psychic skills all by themselves.


Sometimes It’s Easier To Plant Your Suggestions Inside Someone Else’s Mind When You Combine The Two…

The old-time mesmerists would use “psychic passes” to mesmerize people, and they’d implant their silent suggestions while doing these “mesmeric passes.”

Once they had mesmerized someone, they could even get women to fantasize about them at night, wake up, and walk across town in the dark to the mesmerist’s house.

Then hypnotic suggestions came in to style, and most folks abandoned mesmerism.

But some of them asked the magic question…

“What would happen if you combine telepathic suggestions, mesmeric passes, and hypnotic suggestions!”

The Soviets did lots of psychic influence research using hypnosis as one of the ways to jump start and enhance someone’s psychic abilities.

L.L. Vasiliev was one of those researchers.

He could have a woman seated in the same room or the next room, and he would go in to a trance and give telepathic suggestions.

After awhile, the woman would move her arms or legs or get up – whatever he commanded.

There was something interesting about those experiments, though…

Have You Ever Been Caught Doing Psychic Influence?

Well, Vasiliev “got caught.”

The women would sense his mental commands, and they knew the commands were coming from him, even if he sent them mental commands when they weren’t doing any sessions.

Sometimes they didn’t even want to follow the commands, but they felt as if they had to obey his barage of mental commands.

Well in our society, when someone senses you are trying to bombard them with mental suggestions, they usually get pissed off and walk away.

Unless they’re already conditioned to do what you tell them to do – for instance, family members.

Have you ever had a parent or family member who wanted you to do something, and even though they didn’t say it out loud, you knew what they wanted, and you better do it…

Are you afraid of getting caught doing psychic influence techniques?

Others who use remote influence skills and telepathic skills and get caught are disappointed to find the other person just gets pissed off and avoids them like the plague!

This is usually caused by a couple different errors, and I can show you how to fix those errors.

Some people accidentally send “mixed signals” when they do remote influence.

Others have trouble because their intentions are all wrong – they’re trying to screw people over and take advantage of people.

Some “goody-goodies” out there will tell you that you can’t use psychic abilities to harm another person.

They’re either lying, or they just don’t know what they’re talking about.

Hitler used psychic abilities and screwed the world royally.  He screwed himself too.

I really hope you’re not one of those people who just wants to use people and take advantage of them.

If you are, please don’t read any more.

The world has enough trouble as it is.

I’m sharing these valuable  skills because I want you to be able to make your life better for yourself and for the people you love.

Now there’s another reason why another person would “catch” you trying to do psychic influence techniques on them.

There’s a way to avoid that though.

It’s a …

Secret Of Telepathic Influence From 1910 Most People Don’t Even Know About…

There’s a little book that covers this secret.

It was written by a professor back in the early 1900’s.

My good friend Dr. John La Tourrette over at told me about it a few years ago, and I searched, and I searched, and I searched till I found it.

Then I studied it from cover to cover, went out and practiced it, and really let it sink in.

It’s got the secret of how to get someone to want to follow your mental commands without resisting your influence.

This one little secret will save you a lot of heartache and trouble, and it will really improve your results with telepathic influence.

Now it’s one thing to just give someone a suggestion or a mental command for them to act on.

But you want it to be a strong suggestion that becomes a compelling force inside them.  You want them to have it become something they act on.

That’s why it’s important to know these…

Secrets Of Master-Hypnotists To Strengthen And Reinforce The Commands You Give Others!

Have you ever seen or heard a hypnotist who says they have a 100% or nearly 100% success rate?

There’s a reason why they have such an amazing success rate…

Reasons like a nearly universal hypnotic fact that wears down someone’s resistance…

And hypnotic convincer strategies so the person has no choice but to go further and further in to trance and accept what they are told…

Secrets of deepening a trance state, making it easier and easier to influence someone in the future…

Secrets of time distortion so the other person feels as if they’ve known and liked you for weeks or months – or even their entire life!

And more…

So Why Am I Telling You All This…

I’m telling you all this because I recently sat down and wrote out my notes on this, I designed it in simple steps to do, one at a time, so you can learn these skills.

Then I recorded everything in easy-to-digest segments so you can study it wherever you go.

All of the recordings are designed so you can even listen to them while you’re on a break at work, or when you go to the bathroom.

And you can study just the parts you’re working on and review just the areas where you need more practice and improvement.

I wanted to make sure you could benefit from this training regardless of your current skill level.

If you’re a beginner, it’s easy to follow.

And if you’re more experienced, there are valuable skills, insights, and my hard-earned experience to help you improve your current abilities and skills.

There are 14 recordings and a training manual with action steps so you can follow step-by-step and keep track of your progress.

After I finished, I went through and cleaned up the manual so it would be easier to read, and I added in more material.

The recordings are in bite-size segments so you can work on one at a time – even when you’ve only got small amounts of time – or so you can listen to them on your phone, mobile device, or mp3 player while you’re out and about so you can review the materials while you’re out in the real world trying them out and putting them to use.

I’m confident that almost anyone can learn and benefit from these skills.

I also know someone is going to ask…

“But What If I Can’t Do It?”

I’ve combined hypnotic influence and covert influence processes along with the materials on how to send psychic mental commands.

And I’ve listed step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow.

So nearly everyone should be able to have some success with this, and get better and better with it the more you practice it.

Will you get everyone to do what you want them to do, all the time?

No one does.

People have a free will.

Having said that, most people don’t know how to exercise their will.

I can show you how to improve your success and your results at getting people to do what you want, and cause them to think it was all their own idea…

What do I mean by “get people to do what you want?”

Well if you’re trying to send mental commands to people to “get up, run around the room, and cluck like a chicken,” they probably won’t do that.

I mean, you can do that in a stage hypnosis setting, so, sure, you could use post hypnotic suggestions and even psychic skills to influence some people to do the ridiculous.

And there are, in face, people who really do want to get up, run around the room, and cluck like a chicken.

It’s amazing some of the things people already want to do and are just waiting for some external excuse to “make it right for them to do it.”

But running around the room, clucking like a chicken is not the focus of this program.

The purpose here is to cause people to be more agreeable to your point of view, to doing what it is you want them to do.

And, yes, I have gotten total strangers to come to me from across the room to talk to me.

I prefer to use these skills, though, to “stack the deck in your favor” by planting your thoughts and suggestions inside their mind to influence them  ahead of time.

I’ve used the skills, others have used the skills before me, and I’ve also taught people how to use these skills.

Maybe you want someone to hire you…

Maybe you want to influence business deals in your favor…

Maybe you want someone to fall in love…

This course is created with you in mind, with “Action steps” included to help you to really get the material.

So maybe you won’t like me for some other reason, or “what if” you don’t like the materials?

I think you’re going to love the materials.

Especially the very first time you get results with it!

Most other people who have gotten my training courses who have written back to me have loved my materials, and I think you’re going to really enjoy this course…

And “If” you don’t like the course, or for some reason “you just can’t do it,” you’re safe with me, because…

It Comes With A 30-Day, “No Questions Asked!” Money-Back Guarantee!  That Means All The Risk Is On Me!

Look, my long-time customers really enjoy my training materials.

Maybe you don’t know me yet.

You might have found me through the search engines or my YouTube channel or maybe someone else recommended me to you.

I want you to feel safe with your purchase, other people have enjoyed my courses and my materials, and I think you will too.  That’s why I’m backing it up with a 30 day money-back guarantee.

So you really got nothing to lose.

All the risk is on me!

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