So You Got An Upset Stomach?

I thought I would revisit this article I did awhile back, and update it a bit.  As you can see, the original was from 2007.

I will add my updated comments at the end of the article.

January 17th, 2007

Hi again!  I’ve got a better than home remedy for upset stomach treatment.

First, let me preface it by saying “this is not medical advice.  Always consult a medical professional for medical issues.”

Ok, now that we have that out of the way…

I was up all night Monday night / Tuesday morning working on a project.

And to keep myself awake and working, I ate some stuff I probably shouldn’t have eaten as much of, and I drank obscene amounts of diet Mt. Dew and diet Pepsi…

So now I can show you how you can use Mind Control techniques to help an upset stomach.  :-)

We could probably take another newsletter to discuss the Energy Healing techniques that you can use also…

Anyway, late Tuesday morning finds me with an upset stomach, dizzy, sitting on the comode with a good ole’ case of the “Rumanian Runs,” aka diarrhea that goes with an upset stomach.

I know, I know…  “Too much information”  LOL

However, since it’s soemthing some of you might face at some point in the future, let me tell you what I did that helped me feel GOOD in just a few seconds, and I felt good the rest of the day!

I had taken antacids, and they hadn’t worked….

So as I was sitting on the toilet contemplating how sore my stomach (and rear!) were, and wondering if I really was gonna pass out, as I looked down at the floor in agony, I remembered a technique that lets you feel good almost instantly!  And if I remember correctly, I’m almost 100% sure it’s in Doc’s Psychic Attack / Psychic Defense videos.

You can read about the videos on his website.

Anyway, you just stop looking down, look up instead, hold up your hands, and say, “I feel GOOD!” and repeat it while looking up…

(That’s just ONE technique from the 6 video set, and there’s TONS more in there!)

So I see / hear Doc in my mind as I’m looking down wondering if I’m gonna pass out…

And he says, “Stop looking down!  LOOK UP!”

My mental answer to that was, “I don’t feel good, I can’t, and it won’t work anyway…”

So then I see / hear Doc in my mind again say, “WELL, if you did KNOW HOW TO LOOK UP, what would you do?”

So I looked up.


The dizziness went away!

So I kept looking up…  And soon my stomach started feeling better…  And all of a sudden, instead of feeling drained, I had more energy!

I also had more awareness of my chakras and my energy field.  INSTANTLY!

So I kept checking throughout the day to see if I was looking up or not.

And by the way, the ancient kahuna believed that looking down accessed spirits from the underworld and looking up accessed helpful / good entities.

Anyway, I was truly amazed at how QUICKLY that technique worked!  I mean, heck, I’ve done it before, and it worked with other stuff.  I just hadn’t tried it to fix an upset stomach before.

Like I said, I’m just telling you what I did and what happened.  So if you ever need medical advice, seek the counsel of a medical professional.

Have fun using your Mind Control Skills, and stay happy, prosperous, and healthy!

See you again real soon in another newsletter!

Jim Knippenberg
(End of quoted portion of original article – I only deleted the part about adding me on Myspace because I’m not on there anymore.)

Updated Comments:
We now know that thoughts and actions have an effect on our physical bodies.

Stress accumulates, weakens the immune system, anger causes people to churn inside…

Now I’m not saying all illness is caused by improper thinking.

Sometimes it’s caused by being around a germ and catching it.

Or eating food that is tainted.

But have you ever noticed that there are some people at work who NEVER are sick – even if everyone else is out with the flu?

The original article was about how to feel good or at least feel better even if suffering from an upset stomach.

Stop, though, and think about what kinds of things are more likely to cause you stomach issues.

I began to notice that too many soft drinks – no matter what kind – caused excess acid, and upset my stomach at night.

I have a friend who suffered every night with reflux and an upset stomach – even while on prescription drugs – and couldn’t find any relief from the symptoms.

Then he went “cold turkey” on ALL soft drinks.

Within 2 weeks his upset stomach and acid reflux problems were GONE.

I have noticed if I am stressed at work and cram my food in during a 30 minute lunch break, the food does not digest as well as when I am relaxed.

I have noticed if I am ANGRY while eating, I not only get less satisfaction from the food – it also seems to haunt me afterwards.

Even certain combinations – such as french fries or other fried foods and diet soft drinks don’t go well with me.  Check out the diet Coke and Mentos videos online sometimes.

Don’t get me wrong:  I LOVE diet soft drinks.

My point is to take the time to become aware of what causes you discomfort or even feelings of illness or upset stomach or diarrhea.

Then take appropriate action.

Some folks think “mind control” is all about willing or wishing things to be a certain way.  But mind control actually begins with AWARENESS.

And, yes, there are various mind control and energy medicine sickness remedies and allergy cures.

First you must become aware though.

What is my current state?

What is my desired state?

And how do I best get there from where I now am?

What I shared in the original article is still valid.  There have been times I have felt sick and used that technique to feel better within a few minutes.  Even when not feeling well, it is possible to get your brain to release those “feel good” endorphins.

Have you ever had a time when you felt sick, and a friend or someone you really, really like calls you or texts you, and you somehow “forget” how uncomfortable you were – even if it’s just for a few minutes…

That suggests we have much more control over our own bodies than most folks realize.

Hope this helps some of you.  Let your mind help you work WITH your doctor.


How To Motivate Yourself

People are motivated to do things for their own reasons.

Take the guy who goes in to a hypnotist to “stop smoking.”

If he’s there because the wife is nagging him or the kids are nagging him or the doctor is nagging him, he’s probably not going to stop smoking.

Not for long, anyway.


If the guy is so sick of smoking he can’t allow it in his life anymore, and he’s DETERMINED to stop smoking, he’s going to do it.

The hypnotist is just there to bring out his own inner resources to do it.

So if you’re reading this article to motivate yourself to do something you really don’t want to do, bookmark the article, then come back when you’re ready to actually DO the thing you started out to do.

So what actually motivates people?

They are either motivated because they really WANT something or because they really want to AVOID something.

Even things done for “love,” (and, yes I believe in doing things because of love) are because you are moving toward some value or ideal or away from it.

Let’s take something SIMPLE, though.

Like paying your taxes.

There are people who love filing their taxes.

They do it early.

They know they are going to get money back.

So they get annoyed waiting for all the paperwork every January so they can file right away.

Then there are the people who owe and dread filing.

They ultimately DO file though.

Not because they want to.

But because they don’t want fined, don’t want their stuff taken, and they don’t want thrown in jail.

So desire comes in to play with motivating yourself.

One thing you can do for simple tasks is to give yourself a reward system.

Brian Tracy mentions this in some of his programs – people who have to make a certain number of calls every day reward themselves with a few minutes of reading the paper or a bite of their favorite cookie AFTER they get a call or series of calls finished.

I find that when I’m doing an article, if I stop to reward myself before it’s finished, the article gets screwed up.  Sometimes (often!) it never gets finished.

So I set up a reward for after I write my article.

By the way, my friend Dr. John La Tourrette recommends doing something NICE for yourself every day.

And it doesn’t have to cost a cent.

I have different things I do that are nice for me that help keep me motivated, help keep my joy circuits flowing.

Music is one reward.

Reading something I truly enjoy is another.

Have something personal, to you, that you do to reward yourself, every day.

Just make sure it stays in context.

If your reward is playing video games or getting on social media, do that AFTER you’ve gotten a task done.

I remember many days of sitting playing a strategy game on the computer, and I sat down with the INTENTION of “I’m just going to play this game for an hour and then get to work.”

6 hours passed, and I hadn’t done squat.

Do the task first, then reward yourself.

Another method is what my friend Dr. LaTourrette calls the “s**t sandwich.”

That’s where you “sandwich” the thing you have to do in between two pleasant activities.

For instance, you could take a walk (or whatever you like doing), then go do a task or job or project that has to be done, and when it’s over, reward yourself with lunch or a tv show or funny video on YouTube.

And you can use previous instances of when you were absolutely motivated to get something done, and “hijack” that emotion and that determination and drive and desire to get stuff done now and in the future.

If you’d like more on How To Motivate Yourself, I have an ebook on called 10 Instant Ways To Motivate Yourself And Get Stuff Done!

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Thanks for visiting my website, have fun looking around and reading the articles, and please come back again soon to check for updates and new articles.

Jim Knippenberg