How To Motivate Yourself

People are motivated to do things for their own reasons.

Take the guy who goes in to a hypnotist to “stop smoking.”

If he’s there because the wife is nagging him or the kids are nagging him or the doctor is nagging him, he’s probably not going to stop smoking.

Not for long, anyway.


If the guy is so sick of smoking he can’t allow it in his life anymore, and he’s DETERMINED to stop smoking, he’s going to do it.

The hypnotist is just there to bring out his own inner resources to do it.

So if you’re reading this article to motivate yourself to do something you really don’t want to do, bookmark the article, then come back when you’re ready to actually DO the thing you started out to do.

So what actually motivates people?

They are either motivated because they really WANT something or because they really want to AVOID something.

Even things done for “love,” (and, yes I believe in doing things because of love) are because you are moving toward some value or ideal or away from it.

Let’s take something SIMPLE, though.

Like paying your taxes.

There are people who love filing their taxes.

They do it early.

They know they are going to get money back.

So they get annoyed waiting for all the paperwork every January so they can file right away.

Then there are the people who owe and dread filing.

They ultimately DO file though.

Not because they want to.

But because they don’t want fined, don’t want their stuff taken, and they don’t want thrown in jail.

So desire comes in to play with motivating yourself.

One thing you can do for simple tasks is to give yourself a reward system.

Brian Tracy mentions this in some of his programs – people who have to make a certain number of calls every day reward themselves with a few minutes of reading the paper or a bite of their favorite cookie AFTER they get a call or series of calls finished.

I find that when I’m doing an article, if I stop to reward myself before it’s finished, the article gets screwed up.  Sometimes (often!) it never gets finished.

So I set up a reward for after I write my article.

By the way, my friend Dr. John La Tourrette recommends doing something NICE for yourself every day.

And it doesn’t have to cost a cent.

I have different things I do that are nice for me that help keep me motivated, help keep my joy circuits flowing.

Music is one reward.

Reading something I truly enjoy is another.

Have something personal, to you, that you do to reward yourself, every day.

Just make sure it stays in context.

If your reward is playing video games or getting on social media, do that AFTER you’ve gotten a task done.

I remember many days of sitting playing a strategy game on the computer, and I sat down with the INTENTION of “I’m just going to play this game for an hour and then get to work.”

6 hours passed, and I hadn’t done squat.

Do the task first, then reward yourself.

Another method is what my friend Dr. LaTourrette calls the “s**t sandwich.”

That’s where you “sandwich” the thing you have to do in between two pleasant activities.

For instance, you could take a walk (or whatever you like doing), then go do a task or job or project that has to be done, and when it’s over, reward yourself with lunch or a tv show or funny video on YouTube.

And you can use previous instances of when you were absolutely motivated to get something done, and “hijack” that emotion and that determination and drive and desire to get stuff done now and in the future.

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