Energy Healing and Psychic Healing Tips, Part 1

If you’re interested in learning to do energy healing and psychic healing, I’ve got something that just might help you here.

What I’m going to share with you in this article is how to hone in on the correct energy attractor field, overcome fear and uncertainty, and gain confidence to be able to heal yourself and others.

This article is offered as spiritual advice. For medical advice seek qualified medical professionals. Allow yourself the freedom to get a second or even third and fourth opinion. Your health is ultimately your choice and your responsibility.

Energy Healing and Psychic healing have certain prerequisites in order to work properly.

Even Jesus Christ could not do many miracles in His own hometown because of the people’s unbelief.

Fear is one of the main building blocks of unbelief.

Fear is also a negative attractor field.

Fear is caused by uncertainty. Knowledge banishes fear.

The very first thing you must know is where you are, right now.

Many people lie to themselves, even if it is unintentionally, about where it is they are right now.

You cannot get to your destination unless you know where you are.

Want proof?

If I’m in New York, but think I’m in Kansas City, and I want to go to D.C., well guess what. The directions to get to D.C. from New York are DIFFERENT than the directions to D.C. from Kansas City.

Have you ever been to a mall or an amusement park and seen those site maps that say “You are here?”

The reason they do that is so you know what DIRECTION to go from where you are to where you want to go.

You have to know where you are.

Then you have to know whether or not you want to be where you are.

This has many complications that can take place, and you need to be aware of that.

Your conscious mind might say “I don’t want my current situation,” but if your subconscious mind actually believes that’s what you deserve or are capable of or supposed to have, guess what? The greater part of your mind says you’re where you want to be.

You have 400 billion or more subconscious bits of information at any given time, and only about 3-5 bits of conscious information.

If your conscious mind says you don’t want something, but your subconscious absolutely believes that’s what you want, guess which one wins?

There’s good news, though.

You can still choose.

So the first part of the formula is to know where you are.

The second part is to know what you do NOT want.

The third part of the formula is to know what you DO want.

This sets the propulsion system for psychic healing and energy healing.

Keep in mind that the word psychic inludes the mind, the psyche, not just some airy fairy new age idea of wish to the Universe, and get whatever you wish for.

Jesus would often ask people “What do you want?” when they asked Him to help them.

If you do not know what you want, you cannot get there.

You cannot shoot a target unless you know where the target is.

Some people “spray and pray” and hope to get lucky, and sometimes they do, but they are not able to hit their target over and over again and repeat success, because they have no formula for success other than hoping and wishing.

Brian Tracy gives a funny example of this: He says two hunters were outside the woods, and one hunter pulls out his rifle, and fires several shots in to the woods “Bang! Bang! Bang!” and turns and says to his friend “Man, I sure hope a deer runs in to one of those bullets!”

Notice that the hunter in that example has no idea what deer he wants to hit, nor does he have any idea what trees are in the way, he doesn’t even know if there are any deer in the direction he’s shooting.

But when you know your current state, when you know what you do not want, and you know what you do want, then it is much easier to set your sights only on what it is you do want. You are then able to create a well-formed goal, which includes what you want, exactly, and steps to get there.

So isntead of a great divide between where you are and where you want to be, you can have knowledge of what it is you want based on your criteria and values and ideals. Most people are only aware of what they fear. You can know what you DO want instead, and then form a plan of action to go step-by-step to get where it is you want to go.

Now in Part 2 of this article series, I’ll show you how to apply this principle to remote energy healing and psychic healing and how to avoid accidental “black magic” in your prayers for healing of self and others, and what to do instead.

Stay tuned!

Jim Knippenberg