Energy Healing and Psychic Healing Tips, Part 2

In the first part of this series on Energy Healing and Psychic Healing Tips, I promised you an application for the 3 part formula and how not following that can lead to accidental black magic, or at the very least not getting to where you want to go.

If you missed the first article in this series, click here to read it:

As a quick review the 3-Part Formula goes like this:

I have X.

I don’t want X.

I want XYZ instead.

Now for healing, it would go something like this:

(From the Silva Mind Control techniques)

I have a headache.

I don’t want a headache.

I want to feel good instead.

Now what many people do accidentally is they keep reinforcing the problem – the headache, the broken bone, the poverty condition, or whatever the “problem is.”

A more correct way is to program for “what it is you are going to do, once you have healing.”

This is so very important.

Please pay attention to this.

There were some people who went to Edgar Cayce for health readings to get healing, and the reply that came back was “For what purpose? To continue the current state? They would be better off NOT being healed!”

In the records we have of Jesus healing people, most of the time He told them “Your faith has made you whole.”

There was one man, though, that Jesus gave THIS warning instead: “Stop sinning, or something WORSE will happen to you!”

Now I’m not here to preach to you. We are not told WHAT the man’s “sin” was.

Remember that “to sin” is “to miss the mark.”

This includes doing things we know we should not, and NOT doing things we know we should do.

Let’s say a person has poor health because of improper diet and lack of exercise.

“To miss the mark” would be to fail to correct the conditions that contributed to the poor health.

Healing just for the sake of healing is not worth much, in the greater scheme of things.

What are you going to DO with that healing?

That is important.

So if someone has a broken bone, their answer might be “go back to playing basketball” or “Go back to taking care of family” or “Go back to working on cars” or “Healing so that I can do intended outcome XYZ.”

See the difference?

“Save me from my misery so I can be a lazy slob” is much different than “I want healing so that I can do XYZ.”

There are recorded cases of people with supposedly terminal cancer who wanted very badly to see their kids graduate, and they went in to remission.

Once that outcome was achieved, they got sick again and died, because they had no other compelling reason (in their 400 plus billion bits of subconscious data) to keep going.

King Solomon in the Bible said “For lack of vision, the people perish.”

You’ve GOT to have something important to you that is in line with your values and your criteria and your IDEALS to move toward.

As long as you have that, you have a powerful reason to heal.

And, yes, “away froms” are powerful motivators, but they don’t get you where you WANT TO BE, unless you combine the “What I want” part with it.

Now I’m going to apply this to Remote Influencing for relationships. Be on the lookout for the next newsletter.

Jim Knippenberg

This is offered as spiritual advice and for informational purposes only.  For medical advice, seek a qualified medical practitioner.