Psychic Healing And Energy Healing Part 3

Hi again. Jim here, and last time I promised you I would dive in to the topic of Remote Healing and Energy Healing for relationships.

That, my friend, is a huge topic.

So today I would like to take a portion of that topic, and we’ll cover more on this in other aspects of relationships at another time.

It seems like many of us get in to this topic to solve problems. Especially problems with relationships.

Some of us want to get in to a relationship, and some of us want to use the techniques to help save a relationship, and yet others want to heal or help someone they are in a relationship with.

Now awhile back I had done a product on “Silent Mental Commands,” and I don’t know if you missed that or not.

It’s on the website, and one of the things that comes up is using telepathic influence and remote influence to help people out.

I didn’t intend for “Silent Mental Commands” to be something I would sell as a result of this particular series of articles, but since a few people have grabbed ahold of it since I sent the recent newsletters, let me cover that for a moment.

When Jose Silva, the founder of Silva Mind Control was doing his research in healing, sometimes people would ask him to come visit them and to do a psychic healing or programming for them.

Now he had studied much hypnosis.

You know that if you’ve done the conditioning cycles – they depend on hypnosis techniques to “get to level.”

Did you know, though, that he would combine hypnosis with psychic programming when he would do a programming for someone to get well?

One of the things he would do is a confusion induction.

In other words, he would make some nonsense statement that would confuse the person and put them in to a momentary trance, and while they were in that state, he would send the telepathic programming to their subconscious mind to be healed.

Another way to make this work is to combine embedded commands (what some would call conversational hypnosis, although conversational hypnosis covers much more than “just” embedded commands).

I can go over conversational hypnosis in more detail at a future time if you’re interested.

Let me know.

Anyway, things like “feel good,” “get well soon,” “speedy recovery,” “good health” or even using past events to get the person looking forward to doing something again, combined with telepathic commands for healing can help with the results.

When I was in college, I was a religion major with a Biblical languages minor.

I don’t remember most of what I learned from the Biblical languages because I haven’t continued to use it, but one of the very interesting things I found out was the Gospel of John (in the New Testament) uses what is known as “the historical present.”

In other words instead of saying “and Jesus said to them,” the text reads “and Jesus says [historical present] to them…”

What the heck does that have to do with helping loved ones?

Well “you know, dad, remember that time when we would get in the car and go for a ride to that hot dog place you like so much…” THEN, as dad is remembering how much he enjoyed that, send the mental programming to dad to want to get well so he can do that again.

Something to look FORWARD to.

You want to be CONGRUENT with the embedded suggestions AND the mental suggestions.

Imagine if you were talking about healing, but inwardly were afraid the person was going to rot to death.

Guess what suggestion gets communicated!

Or here’s a simple one: If your embedded command is “get me a drink of water,” but your mental expectation is they’re going to gripe and whine and argue with you, guess WHAT gets communicated telepathically!

So you want to make sure you take care of your own “tag ends” or “black boxes” in your energy field regarding the suggestion.

Remember previously I mentioned you have about 3 bits of conscious information going on, and over 400 BILLION bits of subconscious information going on regarding a topic?

Well what that means is if you have limitations or fears in your belief system, that is a LOT of suggestion going on.

Remember the Law Of Suggestion: When two or more suggestions are in conflict with each other, the stronger / strongest suggestion will invariably win the day!

This is good news, or bad news, depending on what the stronger or strongest suggestion is!

I remember this learning experience I had one time, where I put up a person ad, and then I read over the ads of women I thought I’d like to meet.

I highlighted and took notes from the printouts of the profiles, and then I sent messages tailed to the meta programs of the woman who wrote the ad.

I got a date with this really hot chick, and I had a lot of fun, had great rapport, and then near the end of the date, I thought to myself “She’s awesome, I like her, but this isn’t going to work out…” (Due to differences in beliefs systems, my criteria, etc. You do know that Belief Systems are “B.S.,” right?)

Well, danged if I didn’t sabotage all that great work – I did things TECHNICALLY correct, and I had great rapport with her, and in that state of deep rapport, I sent the accidental telepathic message of it not working between her and me.

So I learned or started to learn something interesting about how this stuff works.

I’m still learning. 🙂

So onward to a more positive example.

If you’ve studied seduction and language patterns you know you can elicit states of curiosity, attraction, even lust or love, and then attach those feelings to you.

Well when you combine the telepathic suggestions, it helps you out even more.

So this would be an instance where you would combine your language skills along with telepathic suggestions.

Now a word on this: Use the skills to get what you want instead of shooting yourself in the foot.

What the heck do I mean?

Well, several things, actually, in addition to what I’ve already uncovered here.

One, if you are “needy” and you are trying to use psychic suggestion to get the other person to take care of your neediness – something you need to take care of on your own – if you did that, you would be cursing yourself, because you would be programming for more dependence on that person – instead of sharing in a relationship.

Keep in mind also that there are a lot of people out there who are not capable of a normal relationship. They’ve talked trash to themselves for so long or they’ve had so many bad experiences that they’ve replayed in their minds that they are not suitable for a good relationship unless you’re in to “fixer uppers” types of projects.

In other words, co-dependency.

What you can do, though, is find people with the physical and other characteristics and traits you like and BROADCAST mentally to those people, for those who are open to what you want to share with someone.

It’s the Mental Broadcasting equivalent of the direct response radio commercials what say “Attention back pain sufferers” or “If you want to perform better in bed, this could be one of the most important messages you will ever hear. Here’s what this is all about…”

When you hear those ads on the radio, if they don’t apply to you, you generally tune them out, BUT…

When you hear that, and the message seems like this thing was written just for you, you start to pay attention here, and all of a sudden you’re really interested in what comes next.

Well, so you can do that also with mental broadcasting.

I do have some materials on mental broadcasting, and if you’re interested, reply and let me know.

Now in the next newsletter I will cover some more of this topic of applying this to relationships, so you’ll want to stay tuned.

If you have questions or comments, feel free to click “reply” and write to me.

Thanks, and I will talk with you again real soon in the next newsletter.

Jim Knippenberg

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