Psychic Abilities In The Bible, Part 2

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Due to the comments about the first video I did on Psychic Abilities In The Bible, I decided to do a Psychic Abilities In The Bible, Part 2.

This one covers an important point – being able to keep yourself properly charged with energy.

Have you ever been working on something important, and all of a sudden it seems like someone or some thing just sucks the energy right out of you?

People talk about others being psychic vampires, but it’s usually not something done on purpose.

Let’s face it, most of us do not have well-trained occultists actively trying to suck the life out of us.

It’s almost always accidental, and the other person or persons usually have some sort of positive intention or are completely ignorant of what they are doing.

So in this example, we see Jesus on His way to heal a sick girl – the daughter of one of the synagogue rulers – and on His way to do the psychic healing, someone touches Him and drains the energy from Him.

We all need to have methods of keeping ourselves charged with vital force.

Sometimes that means getting enough sleep.

Sometimes that means getting away from people.

Sometimes that means going and doing something fun you enjoy.

Sometimes that means meditation and energy drills or some form of exercise.

Or all of the above.

What do you like to do to recharge your batteries when something or someone comes along and depletes your vital force? What methods do you like to use to SHIELD yourself from having that happen to you?

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Psychic Abilities In The Bible: 7 Instances Of Psychic Abilities In The Bible, Part 1

I put a YouTube video up for you on Psychic Abilities In The Bible.

There are literally HUNDREDS of examples of Psychic Abilities in the Bible.

And no, I didn’t go count them all. Somebody else with way more time to spare than I have went through and counted them.

The point is this: Psychic Abilities have been around for a long, long time, and they are available to you and to me, and to just about everyone to some extent.

You don’t have to be “gifted” or “talented” either.

That’s a bunch of baloney from people who want you to think these abilities are only available to those who are “special” or “called” or “gifted.”

Guess what, though?

We’re ALL “special,” “unique,” “called to a purpose” and “gifted” in many ways.

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