Mind Control

What do I mean by “Mind Control?”

I get a lot of people who have strong emotion about the title of this website.

Some of them want to have some sort of mental ability to bully others and are turned on at the thought. Others are full of fear and paranoia and are repulsed by it.

So just what the heck do I mean by “Mind Control Resources?”

I used to have an article I wrote about “Mind Control Begins With YOU!”

I remember back in 2000 when I needed answers to life that I could not find. I had been frustrated with work and school – I had dropped out of seminary.

I found out about a devout Catholic Christian who did much research on SELF-hypnosis and the ability to access your mind’s higher intelligence abilities.

Most people think of the brain as being “left brain” or “right brain.”

But Jose Silva researched the very latest at the time about utilizing the brain’s abilities to access whole mind thinking for things like habit control, weight control, improving relationships with others, gaining important answers for business, etc.

Things to help make your own world better for yourself AND for those around you.

Especially those who you love.

So I got really excited about this ability to learn to CONTROL MY OWN MIND and how to access those NATURAL abilities we all have to communicate with those we care about even at a distance.

This is something people have known about for thousands of years.

And it is in the Bible from cover to cover.

I know really fine Christian people who have these abilities naturally, yet they are afraid of this topic, not realizing this is a gift from the CREATOR to almost everyone on the planet.

It’s sort of like any other ability – most have some capacity to learn and develop. Some have more ability than others. But those who actually USE their ability in a positive manner seem to be able to unlock more of their abilities.

You can try to use mind control in the paranoid way that many fear. But it will create problems instead of helping to solve problems.

Some of the positive things you can do with self mind control are:

  • Learn faster
  • Get rid of unwanted habits
  • Install newer, better habits that get you where you want to go
  • Learn more caring and compassion for others
  • Improve your relationships
  • Achieve peak performance in your chosen field
  • Help resolve people problems that seem to have no other answers
  • Help your body to heal faster
  • And much, much more

I had the very best of intentions when I chose this website name. Some / most completely misunderstood the purpose behind that choice.

And from a marketing point of view, it probably wasn’t the best choice either.

What is IMPORTANT though is that you and I were born with a mind.

We have the ability – AND RESPONSIBILITY – to learn to use that mind and to develop it in ways that help us to grow and achieve our purpose on this planet.

Literally to “be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

Thank you for viewing my page.

I appreciate you.

Have a wonderful day.