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How Your Thoughts And Emotions Affect Others

One of my friends on Facebook shared an article she found. (I’ll give you the link to the article at the end of this post.)

There is a very important implication to this. This is an interesting article. I do not know if inanimate objects have a consciousness to them or not. If they do, I do not imagine it’s the way humans have consciousness with ability to have thoughts about thoughts and emotions about emotions. (Meta-Stating)

However, many of us have experienced entering a location that has an emotional tone to it.

I remember one time years ago my mother told me she was helping friends clean a house they were going to move in, and some of the rooms felt “dark and evil.” The couple who moved out had gone through a very bitter separation.

And the emotional tone of their interactions had gotten “attached” to the house.

These concepts are “easy” to test with living individuals.

I’ll get to “inanimate objects” in a moment.

Let’s say you have an argument or are frustrated with your significant other.

And instead of communicating with them, you go and stew about it. That stewing “attaches emotional GUNK” to the relationship and to the other person. (This is why the Bible says “Do not let the sun go down on your anger.”)

What many folks do in addition is they go tell their relative or their friend or anyone who will listen to them gripe and complain – and then the OTHER person also attaches THEIR frustrations, their fears, their insecurities to that other person – “EVEN THOUGH THEY DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH RELEVANT DATA.”

For instance “That guy is just like my daddy, what a jerk!” or “That woman is just like my nagging mother-in-law. You need to drop her like a hot potato!”

These are distortions people attach to others – and then INFECT the relationship with.

There is also a positive side to this – talking about what you like and appreciate and respect about the other person.

It does take at least 5-10 well-formed POSITIVE thoughts to blow out just one negative.

People have these things build up over time, and it infects their minds, their energies, and what they are able to perceive and experience.

I mentioned this happening with inanimate objects.

Did you know when you “gift something to someone” the emotional tone you had while thinking about it gets attached to that gift!

Have you ever had someone give you something because they wanted something in return?

How did that feel to you?

EVEN if it was something you wanted!

Contrast that with someone doing something for you because they like and appreciate you.

That emotional content gets “attached” to the gift.

I remember a funny example of this from years ago. (I won’t go in to more recent examples, since they are “personal.”)

I was attending a seminar my friend was teaching, and we needed notebooks.

So I went to the store and got spiral bound notebooks.

I thought my friend would like a particular color, so I thought to myself (not intentionally, more by default) “Ok, this is his. He should like this. I’ll get this one for him. I don’t like it, but he probably does because of the color.”


It was not with “cuss words” or “swearing.” Most folks do not understand this simple concept.

Easy to verify when you know what to look for.

And the one I LIKED got positive emotions attached to it.

When I got back with the notebooks, he ignored the one I had “cursed” and picked the one I LOVED instead.

I got a funny look on my face, and he instantly knew what I was thinking. He told me “I don’t sort by color. I sort by something else.”

That was one of my first lessons where I started to understand the importance of HOW you think and feel when you do something for someone you care about.

These things are very easy to verify if you know how.

Your emotions and intentions and attention gets attached to the things you do for others.

That does not necessarily mean they will “appreciate” you or what you do.

That is not your responsibility.

You are responsible for how you THINK, how you EMOTE, how you SPEAK – to yourself and to others, and what you DO – your actions.

And those four powers of the mind DO very much affect the people and things around you.

(c) Jim Knippenberg

P.S. Enjoy the article a friend shared shared with me. I’ve included the link here for you. It’s an interesting article.

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Conversational Hypnosis A Fun Story

Sometimes people who love each other get on each other’s nerves – whether they let stress from somewhere else get to them, or “personal gripes” build up accidentally.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

We’re all stuck at home with people we value. Some are stuck at home away from people they value, and it can be easy to get irritated.

I “forgot I had written this,” and was cleaning up my page to re-publish it, when I found this article.

Perhaps it might also give you ideas on how you can solve conflicts with those you care about. This is just a tiny bit on what you can choose to do to help yourself and those you love.

Jim Knippenberg
ESP Trainer, Author, guitarist, pianist, blab, blab, blab…

NLP Techniques and Conversational Hypnosis to Improve Your Relationships With Those You Love and Care About!
From June 27, 2001

I was in Taco Bell, and a family came in to eat. The dad and the daughter sat at the table and talked while mom and the boy went up to the counter to wait for the food.

When the food was ready, the boy picked up the tray with his Mexican Pizza on it. He had his drink in one hand so it wouldn’t spill and was holding one end of the tray with his other hand.

The Mexican Pizza slid to the opposite end of the tray.

You know what happened next…

The tray tipped, and the Mexican Pizza executed a perfect somersault dive face down on to the floor.

The kid’s face turned red, his eyes started to water, as he looked up at his mommy and said “I’m sorry! It was an accident! I’m SORRY!”

The woman pulled him aside and started to jump all over the kid for such a horrible offense.

The dad just looked down at the table and shook his head.

Just then, I was getting up to get a refill on my iced tea. I looked at the mess on the floor, I looked at the kid, I looked at the mom scolding him. And I looked at the dad shaking his head as if he were ashamed of his own kid.

I got my refill, then stepped between the dad and the mess on the floor. I stood there and looked at him for a couple of seconds to pause and get his attention (and the mom’s attention and the kid’s attention – using a technique Milton Erickson used to use for covert hypnosis – act like you’re talking to just one person while addressing someone else or the entire group).

When the dad looked back at me, I laughed and said…

“That reminds me of a FUNNY story!”

Then I paused again and leaned in and looked him in the eyes to deepen his attention.

“When I was in college, my roomate and I had just spent our last $5 dollars on a Domino’s pizza.

“I had one of those ironing boards – you know the kind where you pull out the drawer and wedge the ironing board inside, and I put the pizza on it….”

The guy interrupted me, “And it fell on the floor…”

I looked back at him and LAUGHED and said “IT FLIPPED OVER, AND FELL FACE DOWN ON THE FLOOR!!! (then I laughed for a good 3 seconds over it)

The guy laughed back and said, “I bet you ate it too, didn’t you!”

I shook my head and laughed, “Yeah! We ate it!” and laughed some more.

There’s a reminder there that NONE of us are perfect. We all make mistakes. We all do dumb things – even when we have the best of intentions.

But here was an opportunity for a couple of well-meaning parents to learn to let their kid make mistakes…

And to realize they’d made those same mistakes before.

Instead of getting mad about it and chewing the kid out, there’s an opportunity to learn and to grow.

As I was leaving, I noticed the mom had calmed down. The kid had calmed down.

And I got a warm feeling inside…

I felt even better because what I had done was all in a normal, everyday conversation, using the NLP techniques of conversational hypnosis and covert anchoring.

Many times you have opportunities to covertly influence those in your family including your kids without them being the least bit aware of it.

Will you influence them to hate and fear you? Or will you influence them to learn from their mistakes and learn to make better choices?

I remember when I was in 4th grade and was having trouble in math. No matter how hard I tried, I just didn’t understand the stuff.

When it was time for report cards, I came home with a “D.”

I thought I was gonna die that night.

But when my dad got home from working more than 12 hours that day (to keep me in the school I was in) and saw my report card, he looked at me and said, “If that’s the best you can do, then I’m proud of you!”

The next time report cards came out, I didn’t have any “D’s” on it.

That’s something I’ve remembered for over 30 years now…

And that’s something that has been “anchored” to my thinking ever since.

Jim Knippenberg

For more on how you can use covert Mind Control, NLP techniques, covert hypnosis, and conversational hypnosis to improve the relationships with those YOU love and care about, visit