How To Get Rid Of Anger

“How To Get Rid Of Your Anger In Just One Evening…
And Start To Become Happier Instead!

Are you frustrated with life right now? Or frustrated with someone you care about? Do you feel angry at times, but deep down you wish you could do something about it?

My name is Jim Knippenberg, and I know what that feels like, because I’ve been there.

The good news is, “I found something that can help.”

You know, people will try to “preach” to you about your anger. But they don’t actually know any steps they can share with you to solve the problem.

Well I found something really interesting that can help you blow out anger in just one evening!

A really good friend cared enough to show me some techniques to deal with anger.

I’d love to tell you about one of those techniques, because it is so simple… It works so fast…

In fact…

I Believe So Strongly That This Secret Technique Can Help You Start To Get Rid Of Anger, That I Will Either Help You – In Just ONE Evening… Or I’ll Give You ALL your Money Back!

You have 30 days to try it out for yourself. I think you’re going to fall in love with it the very first evening. You got 30 days to decide though.

The secure checkout is through Paypal, and “if” you don’t decide you’d like to keep the course all you got to do is write to me, and I’ll send the refund back through Paypal.

I think you’re going to want to keep it though. Still, I’m taking all the risk here with my “iron-clad 30-day money-back-guarantee.”

So what’s in here that I think you’re going to love so much?

Here’s just a taste of what you will learn:

  • Is anger ever a good thing? The answer might shock you!
  • A very common mistake people make when confronted with their anger (I know – I made that same mistake too!) … And what to do about it instead!
  • How your anger at someone or some thing can make a train wreck out of the relationships you DO care about – even if your anger is not directed toward the person you love!
  • What the Bible actually says about anger… Many religious “goodie-goodies” completely miss the mark on this one!
  • What to do once you blow out your anger at something to keep it from coming back again!
  • What really matters (and what does not matter at all!) when you are angry…

This is just a tiny “taste” of what I’d like to share with you before I explain and demonstrate the “Secret Anger Blowout Technique!”

The course is on video. And to make it easy for you to access, Paypal will deliver the page with the link to the video once you have completed your payment.

“What’s it gonna cost me, Jim?”

Here’s the really cool part!

I’m just testing this out for now to see how many people I can help. So “for now, at least,” it’s just $10 bucks.

Last time I got carry out for lunch it was more than $10 bucks.

And this here can literally change your life.

I won’t promise the price will stay the same – or even that I will keep offering the product at all.

Like I said, “I’m just testing the waters here to see how many people might benefit from it.”

So click that “Buy Now” button to go to Paypal’s secure checkout server (you don’t even need a Paypal account to do it!) and “get instant access,” even if it’s 3:00 in the morning!

The product is an mp4 video. After your purchase goes through, Paypal will either redirect you or show you a button or link to click to “Return To Seller,” or “Return To James R. Knippenberg.” On that webpage, you will find the link to download the video. The total length of the video file is 22 minutes, 44 seconds.

Most folks get their downloads instantly. Sometimes the internet hiccups or “breaks,” so “if” you have need assistance with the download, write to me at jim(at)mindcontrolresources(dot)com. I usually reply within a few hours.

I’ll see you on the other side of this letter!

Jim Knippenberg